New Caffeine Patch Announced

Ogden, UT--Help may be just around the corner for the estimated million Mormons addicted to caffeine. Robinson Consumer Products has announced that CAFETROL, the first caffeine patch cleared for sale to consumers without a physician's prescription, is now available across the country in pharmacies, supermarkets and other outlets.

"It's a great day for sinners who are ready to begin taking control of their caffeine habits," said LeBryant Perkins, RCC president. "Caffeine drinkers now have a proven tool practically at their fingertips to help them quit this filthy and disgusting addiction."

A 15-mg CAFETROL patch is worn each day for six weeks. Starter kits include a week's supply of seven patches and the CAFETROL PATHWAYS TO CHANGE behavioral support system, which features the "Taking Action" booklet and an audio tape designed to help consumers deal with the psychological stresses of quitting. Refill kits include a one-week supply of seven 15-mg patches and an additional booklet to help consumers stay committed to quitting.

"I quit Dr. Pepper once in 1981 when my daughter was born, but that only lasted about a week," commented Paige Christiansen of Orem. "I quit the next time in 1992 for two weeks using a caffeinated gum. I probably have quit a thousand times in between, but I've never made it more than 24 hours. Having my weekly CAA meetings where everyone is so supportive is helping me get right back on the wagon each time I fall off--hopefully, this time I won't!"


Little Miss said...

This is great!~

thanks for the post!

Erika said...

Only if that patch comes with a cold 20 oz. Diet Dr. Peper. lol