Gospel Contradiction Revealed by BYU Researchers

PROVO, UT—A recent study by two BYU social scientists shows that two fundamental principles of the gospel are at odds against one another, diminishing the overall effectiveness of the members’ covenants and duties. Charity requires self-sacrifice for the service of others, while the principle of self-reliance requires members to stand on their own two feet.

According to the scientists, these two principles in proximity create a state of mass inertia in the church, causing members to neglect, among other things, their home and visiting teaching. “It’s so simple, I don’t know why it took so long for us to see it,” says Dr. Myra Gaddenburger, the principle researcher in this study.

Dr. Bob Nohls, Gaddenburger’s assistant, indicates that the church has shown some interest in their finding. “They’ve asked us which of the two principles they should downplay,” says Nohls. “If they’re interested in funding another study, we’d be happy to look into it. But right now, it’s too soon to tell.”


simplysarah said...


Course Correction said...

Hooray for inertia. Let us pray that Sister Gaddenburger does solve the problem!

Course Correction said...

Ooops. I want to pray that S. Gaddenburger does NOT solve the problem!


Relying on the wisdom of men again? I'd think that "the living God's household, the Church, the truth's pillar and foundation" could listen to that advocate Jesus sent them and not rely on the opinions of men as determined by surveys.
I don't even think this is a question of debate in most Christian communities because almost all of them realize that true Christianity is the one that is found to be too hard, and actually without the grace of God is too hard, and this left untried.(paraphrasing Chesterton)

sheena Jessee said...

Mercy and Justice are also at odds with each other....I wonder how that ones going to play out.

sheena Jessee said...

Mercy and Justice are also at odds with each other....I wonder how that ones going to play out.

xiao xiaopingguo said...

I'd personally think that "the residing The lord's family, the Church, the truth's principal and foundation" might listen to which advocate Jesus routed all of them instead of count on the opinions in men as driven by surveys.
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